Crises, digitalization, artificial intelligence, and the ongoing evolution of the legal framework – Frontwing keeps you up-to-date.

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We advise SMEs, startups, entrepreneurs and private individuals.

Effective client service

Our work is marked by a high level of self-expectation. Our main priority is efficiency. In order to discover the optimal solution in the most successful manner, we rely on creative approaches in the services we provide to our clients.

Thus, we consider and act in an agile manner in order to use changes to our clients’ advantage. The environment in which we and our clients operate is constantly evolving. Therefore, a team of dynamic legal advisors is crucial for our clients’ economic success. We believe that trust, collaboration, and communication are the driving forces behind effective cooperation.

Ferechta Paiwand
Partner | Lawyer
Bengt Petersen
Partner | Lawyer
Dr. Oliver Islam
Partner | Lawyer
Dr. Helmand Nadi
Partner | Lawyer
Ada Guliyeva, LL.M.
Partner | Lawyer